Affordable Forklift Rental 


Rent a Forklift from Pretoria Forklifts. We have various models and sizes from as little as R750 per day (excluding transport). We will maintain and service your forklift to keep it in tip top running condition.

Forklift rentals from 1 day to long term rentals.You can also rent over a 60 month period with full maintenance - very cost effective and no repair cost surprises.


A full range of rental forklifts
* 1.5 ton through to 5 ton
* Diesel, petrol / gas or electric
* Reach trucks
* Range of lift heights for your particular requirement
* Our forklifts are in excellent condition
* Delivered to you on time
* Drivers avalible for short term rentals
* Our rental packages are flexible and tailored to
   suit your specific needs and your requirements.





Forklift Transportation

Pretoria Forklifts will move your forklift for you. We have a specialised Truck available to transport your Forklift at competitive rates.